Protecting the employee and the employer.  More and more people are bringing their addictions to work.  Whether it’s coming to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or bringing their sexual addition, specifically pornography, to a workplace computer. 

It is common for an employer to send an employee with an alcohol or drug problem to some sort of rehab, often with help from their health insurance, however for the employee caught with pornography on his computer, he is given a pink slip, post haste. 


  • You retain a valued employee, replacing an employee can cost $30,000, or more
  • You don’t lose the employee’s production during work hours, all sessions are conducted during evening hours
  • You are provided with attendance records to ensure he is attending all recovery meetings
  • You are “sue-proof.”  If the employee continues to use pornography at work, you can show the court the documentation of how you tried to help the employee overcome his problem.


  • You don’t lose your job
  • You begin to rebuild your employers trust
  • You begin to discover true recovery / victory over your addiction
  • You don’t have to live with the guilt of a secret life

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