Turkey claims to be a religiously tolerant country but it has become increasingly hostile to Christianity in recent years. The country’s leadership is pushing the nation into an Islamic caliphate of its own. It is estimated that one in five people in the world are Muslim, making Islam the world’s second largest religion. Islamic law states that it is criminal for a Muslim to convert to Christianity and is punishable by death. There are countless numbers of Muslims that wake up each day without hope, peace, knowledge of redemption or the assurance of salvation. They are hungry for truth and there is an unprecedented openness to the Gospel message.

Without hope found in Jesus Christ, people will turn to anything they think can full the void. Drugs, crime, prostitution, abuse and addiction are common ways to escape the pain of their seemingly hopeless situation.


In Turkey, there are very few above-ground churches. The Christian population went from 25% of the country prior to World War I to less than .5% today. The Global Church for Turkey, a 24/7 satellite TV network, hopes to change that statistic by providing a lifeline for millions of believers who have few options for church!

Satellite TV is like a secret weapon in the battle for Muslims’ souls. TV makes an effective, safe, non-threatening, personal connection. It delivers evangelistic, discipleship or leadership development efforts directly into people’s homes!


Recovery International (Recovery Turkey) is a biblically based, Christ-centered, 12 step TV recovery program. This 1-hour program features a testimony from someone who has found victory through Jesus Christ, a lesson based on the 12 steps of recovery, and a round table discussion of how that lesson and testimony impacts someone’s life.

Our broadcast partners are making a major impact in Turkey. By adding a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program series, millions of people and their families can find hope in recovery through Jesus Christ. We believe this program is just the beginning! An ongoing Recovery Turkey program provides a full comprehensive program for recovery and support. Your support is essential to provide funding for this ongoing series.

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