Iran is a closed country that does not offer religious freedom to its people. It is estimated that one in five people in the world are Muslim, making Islam the world’s second largest religion. Islamic law states that it is criminal for a Muslim to convert to Christianity and is punishable by death. There are countless numbers of Muslims that wake up each day without hope, peace, knowledge of redemption or the assurance of salvation. They are hungry for truth and there is an unprecedented openness to the Gospel message.

Violence and crime are on the rise as Iran has the highest drug use per capita in the world. Out of desperation, people are turning to drugs, crime, prostitution, abuse and addiction to escape the pain of their seemingly hopeless situation.


In Iran, there are no above-ground churches. Even underground churches, while effective and growing, are only accessible to 1% of all believers due to fear and security. That is where the Global Church for Iran, a 24/7 satellite TV network, provides a lifeline for 2 million believers who have no other option for church!

Satellite TV is like a secret weapon in the battle for Muslims’ souls. Authorities monitor many areas of an Iranian’s life. However, no one can control the programs Iranians watch in the privacy of their homes.

TV makes an effective, safe, non-threatening, personal connection. It delivers evangelistic, discipleship or leadership development efforts directly into people’s homes!


Recovery International (Recovery Iran) is a biblically based, Christ-centered, 12 step TV recovery program. This 1-hour program will feature a testimony from someone who has found victory through Jesus Christ, a lesson based on the 12 steps of recovery, and a round table discussion of how that lesson and testimony impacts someone’s life.

Our broadcast partners are making a major impact in Iran. By adding a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program series, millions of people and their families can find hope in recovery through Jesus Christ. We believe this pilot program is just the beginning! An ongoing Recovery Iran program will provide a full comprehensive program for recovery and support. Your support is essential to provide funding for this ongoing series.


“It’s been a while that I was struggling with laziness which could be because of my depression. This issue had impacted my life negatively. Out of laziness and especially sleeping a lot, I couldn’t do the things I was supposed to do correctly and in time. Even my loyalty toward my employer was decreased.

One night I started to listen to an audio file of Recovery International, covering the subject of confessing our sins. It seemed it was exclusively for me! It said that for receiving healing and to repent from your sin, you need to confess it in front of another person and then pray for each other so that the healing may flow. In that particular night I started talking with my wife about my laziness and confessed all the stuffs that had bounded me in those days and then we prayed together.

From that night on, I feel I’m full of energy, and I can change my lifestyle through a good planning. I am becoming a new person. I learned that if you dare to confess your sin, the Lord will stand for you too and He will change you. Today I experience a great joy in my life.”



“I’ve been growing with the feelings of rejection. This loneliness led me to addiction. As a result of my addiction I became tired of life. Until one day I was told about Jesus Christ, but at that time I didn’t believe those words at all. One of my friends showed me the Recovery International program and this truth that Jesus Christ never abandoned and rejected anyone affected me strongly. That caused me to come to faith in Christ. After 10 years being an addict, now I’m totally free from pain and the curse of addiction is gone and surprisingly I don’t have any temptation in this area anymore. Also many healings happened in our family relationships. Today I show all the files of Recovery International to my friends who are struggling with addiction. “Freely you have received; freely give,” says the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what I’m doing today.”



“Through our discipleship and training, former drug addict Mustafa found a purpose in life-to reach out to drug addicts especially those with suicidal tendencies. This is his testimony:

I had been a drug addict since my teen years. I had attempted suicide several times, before I joined an NA (narcotics anonymous) group in Tehran, and went through their 12 steps to freedom. It was then that I started watching your Recovery Iran TV programs and realized that the teachings of NA were based on the truths of the Bible. So I called to pray with you to become a Christian.

Thanks to your training and encouragement, I started reaching out to my friends who were also drug addicts. In a short time, many of them came to Christ. I started several house groups, and now I want to share with you a funny thing: So many drug addicts have come to Christ through me that I recently started one house church just for those who were both drug addicts and had attempted suicide.

The requirement to be a part of this church is that one must have been a drug addict and have attempted suicide at least one time by cutting his/her wrist. I am sending you a picture of this group (withheld for security reasons.) I am also sending you a picture of their wrists, all with scars because of their attempts to commit suicide. They truly love each other.

Please pray for them so that they, like me, will be trained and sent out to reach others.”


Tehran, Iran

“My father was an addict and I grew up in the midst of much difficulties and problems. I had a lot of pain and burdens whenever I saw my Dad’s addiction. I felt shame in our society and family. In addition to his addiction, my father was struggling with not forgiving the family because of the sufferings he had experienced and the feeling that he was betrayed. He was always so angry.

But an amazing thing happened. My father started watching your Recovery International program. It impacted his life so much. He was transformed. Now it is seven months that he is sober and free from drug addiction.

Also after watching some particular episode of Recovery International programs, he eventually could forgive others. With tears he broke free from those painful memories. After receiving his healing, my father now speaks with love and testifies about his freedom in Christ to all his friends and encourages them watch Recovery International on your channel. Today there’s a huge happiness in our family.”